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August 2016
Coming from Michigan after a few emotional bumps and bruises, we were braced for a challenging move. Our agent was Amanda Dumont. Amanda was seasoned and understood the nuances of the market—and she was intuitive enough to have an understanding of what we really wanted in our home in Quincy. Surprisingly, buying a house in Boston was an unexpected, stress-less, and pleasant process that was well and beyond expectation because of Amanda! Not only was Amanda all-knowing about the market, she took the time to understand what we really wanted and emotionally needed from our new home. She guided us through the process and gave us her intuitive perception on how we would feel about different neighborhoods, market values and fluctuations, and how to get perfection within our budget. She saved us from those “ better left unsaid unexpected costs “ that in my experience other agents wouldn’t know, nor share if they did. Amanda was forthright, honest, and positively transparent through the process. No run-around, passing the back, or hiding behind a gatekeeper! When she showed us properties, she shared all, including vague language in one development about “pet friendly” about cats—and as an owner of two cats, the fine print stated ONE. As seasoned homebuyers (with many purchases and sales collectively), we have never had such a positive, personalized experience with at a realtor. Amanda is the absolute example of perfection: honesty, reality, foresight, and intuition. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a more detailed reference!
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