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March 2016
I had the opportunity of seeking the services of Amanda Dumont for renting my newly purchased condo unit at Marina Bay. When I visited Marina bay with the another broker in an effort to purchase a condo, I have met Amanda for the first time. I was so appreciative about her knowledge of the area, her pleasant nature and willingness to help. When it came to hire a broker to rent the condo which I eventually purchased, it was a unanimous choice for my sales broker and myself to seek the help of Amanda. I could not have taken any better decision. She is not only professional, considerate, responsive and through but she is also amazingly fast and charming at the same time. She found the tenant and completed the whole task in 3 days!!!. She exceeded all of my expectations. If I want to do any real estate business in Marina Bay area or as a matter of fact to buy any real estate, I will seek her help without any worries.
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